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About Us

ARC-T is an European distributor of manufacturing equipment engineered and manufactured in Poland. It unites the expertise of numerous companies in order to provide the reliable products of highest quality at competitive prices. All equipment is manufactured within European Union and it does meet EU safety standards.

Our experience with numerous transformer manufacturers enables us to provide equipment with highest quality at competitive prices.Currently, we offer solutions in three main fields of expertise:

As an industry that is volatile and whose fortunes depend on the health of other industries, machinery and equipment producers must be operationally excellent and able to ride out the market swings to which the sector is subject. These manufacturers require solutions that:

  • allow costs to be tightly controlled
  • track products through the manufacturing process and along the supply chain
  • permit communication and collaboration with critical suppliers and customers
  • support rapid time-to-market for new products;
  • manage orders and inventory in order to adopt Lean manufacturing principles.
Specialized Equipment Supplier for Transformer Manufacturers
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Specialized Equipment Supplier for Transformer Manufacturers
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ARC-T sp. z o. o.,Warsaw,Poland-02-103,
Telephone No.+48 792 395 844
ARC-T is a Poland based distributor and manufacturer of highly specialized machinery and tooling for Power Transformer manufacturers.